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Otome games are a very niche genre, much like otome gamers are their very own clique. Spend your time here learning about otome games and sharing your thoughts and personal recommendations with the rest of us!

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Now let’s play!
Between the Switch and the PS Vita, there is a huge library of otome games to explore (and let’s not forget those on STEAM)!
  • A simulation game with romance elements? Yes, please!
    Idol Manager prepares to take the stage on August 25th, 2022. If the idea of running your own idol group doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what will! In Idol Manager, you will select girls with talent and shape their skills based on what type of idol group you like: cute and kawaii, flirty […]
  • Being a Good Apple might be a mistake…
    B.A.W playthrough #2
  • Upcoming August Releases on Nintendo Switch
    Published by Cyberpress, Sengoku Princess is a visual novel which focuses on a male protagonist who is transported back to the past. The MC finds himself in the Sengoku period in Japan, where he encounters beautiful females who are based on gender-reversed historical characters. Release date: August 11th, 2022 Sakura MMO I’m very excited for […]
  • Game Discussion: Triangle Strategy
    While I’m working my way through Digimon Survive and Bad Apple Wars (2nd playthrough), check out my review! And to pique your curiosity, here are some of the main characters from Triangle Strategy.
  • Buyer Beware! What you should know before you buy these 3 VN/otome games!
    1. My Girlfriend is a Mermaid? In My Girlfriend is a Mermaid? you play as a male protagonist who meets his childhood best friend when on a trip to the country. She has a big secret though: she’s a mermaid! While the title may be catchy and the idea of fun, flirty mermaids may seem […]
Game Review
Check out my review of Find Love or Die Trying!
Check out this underrated Switch Visual Novel!

The Host

Jamie is a writer and gamer. Her passion for gaming started young, when she would play Sega games with her family.

I played many of these Sega Genesis games.

It’s me! And yes, I wrote a book!

I started with Sega, but as I grew older my tastes began to change. I searched the walls of GameStop for any games where I could play as an anime character, or make choices in-game. I played Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life every summer throughout middle school. As I matured, I grew fond of action games like Mass Effect and Uncharted. Now in my 30’s, I spend a lot of time playing visual novels/otome games which give me complete control (most of the time) of the MC.

Not a visual novel or otome, but still an amazing game with shipping potential!
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